Jon Hall
Designing for a Purpose

Atlanta Braves Redesign

There is nothing wrong with the Braves’ logos and uniforms from a functionality standpoint, but I feel that it can be modernized. Many baseball uniforms are stuck in or even revert back to a 50s-60s aesthetic. My concept is to represent the progressiveness and modernity of Atlanta without straying too far away from tradition. This will energize the Braves’ younger fan base while staying familiar to fans that have followed the Braves for decades.

I kept the tomahawk as a prominent image because it is the Braves’ identity. That is their most recognizable part of their heritage. The “A” is a close second. It was redesigned to signify modern times and the strong, sturdy structure of Atlanta. Literally with its many skyscrapers downtown. Metaphorically with its growing and well-knit community. I kept some tradition with the iconic swoosh of the bar. It is an homage to the previous “A.” It also represents the far-reaching and new opportunities that the city of Atlanta provides to its citizens. The inclusion of carbon fiber patterns as a design element was inspired by the team using a carbon fiber pattern on their batting helmets at the beginning of the 2017 season.

Logo 4-10.jpg
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Road Uniform All-02-02.jpg
Red Uniform All-05-05.jpg
Black Uniform All-06.png