Jon Hall
Designing for a Purpose
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Senior Project - NAMI Logo Redesign and Ad Campaign

I chose to redesign the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ (NAMI) logo because I have a passion for mental health awareness. The logo is primarily a phoenix because it’s a good representation of how you overcome mental illness. The phoenix rises out of the ashes as someone would rise out of depression, anxiety, etc. The ad campaign includes guerrilla marketing, TV commercials, billboards, signs, social media, and apparel. The theme of the ad campaign is to aggressively bring attention to mental illness while educating.

I chose two color combinations to elicit different emotional responses in certain applications. Yellow and blue are used to give a sense of joyfulness, hope, and peace. Black and white are used as a stark contrast to grab attention. They also convey a serious tone. It was important to inform the audience of how mental health issues should be taken seriously, and that there are better days ahead if you’re going through it!

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"In a Moment of Mental Strife" Senior Project NAMI Redesign - 30 Second Commercial

"The Beauty of Life" Senior Project NAMI Redesign - 15 Second Commercial